18.00/19.30= Meeting de présentation officielle de l'action EPS ;

(mardi 6 décembre 2022 17:30) , Le Roy d’Espagne
Site internet: https://roydespagne.be/fr/index.php
  • Azelio FULMINI
  • Andreas Dr. STRUB

The Rotary initiative END PLASTIC SOUP promotes reducing, recycling and reusing plastic to free our world and the oceans from increasing plastic pollution. Its actions comprise Awareness raising and education, Actions and projects and also, building Alliances with researchers, NGOs, businesses and international organisations– to reduce plastic production and to develop innovative solutions for a circular economy. Thus, it contributes to the implementation of the European Green New Deal and to the achievement of the UN Sustainable Development Goals. Supported by more than 300 Rotary clubs in 43 countries, and famous young environmental activists, this initiative has built a network of actions spanning the whole world. The aim of this official presentation of EPS Action is to raise awarenes among the EU organisations, as well as at the D2150, and the other three Belgian Districts.

Cette présentation veut faire connaître l'initiative EPS aux organisations UE et les districts belges.


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